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What is a Zinepost?
Zinepost (noun): A modern communication practice where someone sends a short notification, usually through a messaging app like WhatsApp, Signal, or SMS, to alert a recipient that they have also sent them an important email. The Zinepost consists of the "Subject Content Alert" and to which "Email Account" the content has been sent. This method ensures the email gets noticed amidst the daily overflow of emails and different email addresses.

Why Use a Zinepost?

Highlight Urgency:

A Zinepost acts as a rapid alert, drawing immediate attention to the email and emphasizing that it needs prompt attention.

Bypass Inbox Clutter:

With overflowing inboxes, a Zinepost helps ensure your important email doesn't get lost in the shuffle.

Point to The Recipient email:

This also overcomes not knowing which email address to use for the recipient as most people have multiple email addresses.

Point to the Specific Recipient Email Address:

Most people today have multiple email addresses, even more so if a person has multiple businesses or is a consultant, by using a Zinepost the recipient is made aware of the important communication and assists the recipient to easily and quickly find the content mentioned in the Zinepost.

Multi-Channel Communication:

 It effectively utilizes both email (for formal content) and instant messaging (for quick notifications).

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Example of Zineposting:

You send an urgent proposal to a client via email.

Shortly afterwards, you send a Zinepost on WhatsApp that reads:

"Just sent over that proposal we discussed.
To your email address; "OneofMany@zinepost.com" I Would love your feedback ASAP!"

The critical elements when sending a ZinePost are; 

Which App?

Knowing which instant messaging app is the most appropriate place to Zinepost the recipient

Overview of Content

Giving a brief overview of the content of the email pointed to;

Specific Email Address

Highlighting the email address used for the communication so that the recipient knows where (in which) email address to go and look for the information.

Additional Terms:

Zineposting (verb):

The act of sending a Zinepost. For example, "I'll be Zineposting the contract details to ensure you receive them without delay."

Having been Zineposted (phrase):

Refers to having received a Zinepost. For instance, "You've been Zineposted about the updates to the project. Please check your email."

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